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Did you know?

How many unhabitants in France ? More than 66,6 millions on 2016.

 and a birth rate in France : 800 000 on 2015 🙂

 World Record regarding Nobel Prizes : 11 Literature Nobel laureates

the main word used in France is : to be  meaning “être”  and I’m not surprised! lol

What about about the French custom of kissing the cheek?  Depending on French regions, kissing the cheek vary from 1 to 4 kisses, we mostly kiss the cheek a single time in Brittany 🙂

kissing the cheek in France the boy first is kissing the cheek:)

 The French Bikini?

Bikini Swimsuit is French and designed in 1946 by French engineer Louis Réard. He named the swimsuit after Bikini Atoll… Indeed Bikini ( coconut place) is an atoll in the Marshall Islands, one of the test sites for nuclear devices in the 40/50s…  The swimsuit  became extremely popular in the late 50s thanks to…

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