1002 by Jon Alston

The Machinery - A literary collection.

New Doc 31_1 Illustrated by Modita Kathpalia.

It is written it took 1001 nights for Scheherazade to win over Shahryar, 1001 tales to calm his murderous temper with incompletion. She told another story, after their nuptial. With such a tradition of story, Shahryar desired Scheherazade’s entertainment to continue. So she revealed to him this dream:
A fall day. Thin brushed clouds add dimension to the thick blue sky. And between the white lines a large grey pelican drifts, wings carried with a warm zephyr. She floats with the clouds, west, a slow journey across the indefinite blue expanse. Mounted on her back, gripping her neck feathers, sits a young boy: Ahn-jin. His black hair snaps in the wind, the white sherwani trimmed in gold clings tight to his white churidars. He keeps his eyes shut, to feel the sky, the wind, the thin air above the mountains, to breathe the miasma between earth…

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